The MAPC is researching potential “green route” options. This map shows existing walking and cycling paths.

Ruggles Street could provide a missing green link between the Southwest Corridor Park and the Back Bay Fens.

In some cases, parking would need to be moved in order to create usable pedestrian/cyclist routes between parks.

The Solomon Foundation convened a group of advocates for parks and active transportation, to discuss the completion of a network of walking and cycling trails across metropolitan Boston. Based on the input from those meetings, Professor Peter Furth of Northeastern University completed a Green Routes Network Plan, including a region-wide trails map, as an advocacy tool.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) has since published its regional trails map with support from the Solomon Foundation. The Livable Streets Alliance has taken a lead in advocating for a GreenRoutes network. They are in the early stages of organizing a working alliance to press for progress.

Located throughout the Boston Metropolitan area.
Sponsored workshops with numerous advocacy groups in 2009.
Green Routes network plans refined. Advocacy alliance forming.
Green Routes Alliance
Livable Streets Alliance
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Numerous municipal planning agencies