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By reducing the width of an overbuilt road from the 1960s, the Greenough Greenway Project will carve out room for a mile long river park with a treelined path, wildflower meadows, and park seating overlooking one of the prettiest bends in the Charles River. It will also reclaim the last fragment of marshland along the Charles and unlock a new walking path between Fresh Pond and the river. Tens of thousands of residents and worker in Allston / Brighton, Cambridge, and Watertown will have better access to the river and one of the best 5k recreational loops in Greater Boston.

Update - January 2015:

A DCR press release on January 5th (see link) announced the funding and implementation of the Greenough Greenway project. The project will be put out to bid early in 2015 with a ground breaking in the early spring. Two key elements remain to be funded: the Boat House Path around the marsh and the missing link in the Pond to River walk. The Boat House Path wraps around the largest remaining fragment of marshland in the Charles River Basin. The addition of a short path and new east gate to the Cambridge Cemetery would make possible a largely off road tree lined walk between the river and Fresh Pond. Both projects can be seen here.

Please view our seven minute video titled Fixing Greenough Boulevard to learn more or go to the project web page to review the background information.

Please consider a donation to this transformative project. This link will take you to the donation page of our fiscal agent, The Esplanade Association:


Please note that the donations to the Greenough Greenway Project are tax-deductible. Checks should be made out to The Esplanade Association, our fiscal agent for this project, and sent to the attention of Tani Marinovich, The Esplanade Association, 376 Boylston Street, Suite 503, Boston MA 02116.