Talk of the Town

“To reconnect the Emerald Necklace with the Charles River Basin is monumental. It is one of the key missing links in our greenway network.”

Julie Crockford

“As we continue to make progress in rebuilding our infrastructure, we are also looking toward new and more innovative ways to get people from point A to point B. To that effect, funding this missing link is joining two major networks of parks and trails to provide pedestrian and cycling access.”

Richard Davey
Secretary of Transportation

"We aspire to be a world-class city. Let's come together to figure out how to make our parks attain that standard."

Genie Beal

"What if, in judging public art, the litmus test were as follows: Does a given piece of public art help make the site a good place for two young people to choose as a rendezvous on a first date?....Might it prompt a fresh thought, or brighten up the city's workaday atmosphere of commerce, obligation, and propriety, carving out instead a little pocket of provocation or hovering Eros?"

Sebastian Smee

Greenough Greenway

There appears to be ample room along a right-sized Greenough Boulevard to accommodate a new mile-long riverside path with no adverse impacts on traffic. A design process getting underway this winter will test this concept and develop it further with public input . Please click on the title and go to the project page for further information and project updates. If you wish to be placed on a mailing list for this project send an email to and put Greenough Mail in the subject. This is a private/public initiative with the Department of Conservation and Recreation which is charged with managing our state parklands.

Path To Connect River & Bowker

The Boston Courant | A new pathway is in the works that would connect the Charles River Basin to the Emerald Necklace. The trail would start at the southern end of the Bowker Overpass, cross Common-wealth Avenue and Beacon Street, enter the Charlesgate Green link to the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge and end at the Esplanade. Most of the work will occur by the Charlesgate Green, which is about 2.5 acres of virtually inaccessible parkland...

Moving Beyond the Bronze Age

Boston Globe | Boston's most memorable piece of public art in years -- the mural by Brazilian street artists Os Gemeos at Dewey Square -- is no more. In its place is an abstract mural in gray and white by the London-born, New York-based artist Matthew Ritchie...

Blue Hill Avenue Makes Way for Fun with Festival

Boston Globe | Myrna Best, 75, danced in the middle of the street, her feet moving perfectly to the beat as a band played James Brown covers. A few blocks away, smoke from grilling chicken wafted into the air, as children raced bicycles, enjoying the freedom of a broad avenue free of cars...

Eugenie Beal, 92, 'Mother of Green Space' in Boston

Boston Globe | As the environmental movement began to coalesce in the late 1960s, Eugenie Beal was studying parks for the League of Women Voters when she and the organization decided Boston would benefit from having a Conservation Commission...