One of the most historic bridges in the Commonwealth, Longfellow Bridge is in need of major repairs.

Design showing the potential for reclaiming parkland and providing universal access to the Esplanade.

A seamless and elegant link to the Esplanade is provided by the new pedestrian bridge.

A 45-person Longfellow Bridge task force was established by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in 2010 to help guide the Longfellow Bridge Restoration project. The Deputy Director of the Solomon Foundation, Herb Nolan, was invited to join as a representative of the Esplanade Association.

Through Mr. Nolan's careful work with MassDOT consultants and various advocacy groups, the project was expanded to address pedestrian access from the Longfellow Bridge to the parklands on either side of the river.

On the Cambridge side, new crosswalks to the river and a widened path under the bridge will unlock direct access to the riverfront. On the Boston side, a new state-of-the-art pedestrian bridge will seamlessly link the city to the river. An acre of reclaimed parkland will bring the Esplanade to the threshold of Charles Circle. Improved access for pedestrians and cyclists across the Longfellow Bridge will complete some key recreational loops used by numerous park visitors.

Located along the Charles River Basin between East Cambridge and the West End.
Parkland access planning and design.
To be determined
Final design under review. Construction to be substantially complete by 2016.
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Longfellow Bridge Rehabilitation Task Force
The Esplanade Association
Numerous advocacy groups
Jacobs Engineers
Rosales and Partners