This once-dangerous crossing is now safe for everyone – opening access to Jamaica Pond for more neighborhoods.

With its paths and boats, Jamaica Pond is one of the most popular destinations in the city for park visitors. Despite this, there were few safe crossings to the pond, and a number of locations where people routinely jaywalked across wide parkways to reach the water’s edge. The Jamaica Pond Access initiative studied three locations: the terminus of Eliot Street, the south end of Parkman Drive at Kelly Circle, and the north end of Parkman Drive near Perkins Street and the open field.

The Eliot intersection needed a crosswalk to serve the abutting neighborhood. The Parkman Kelly circle intersection needed traffic calming to make it safer. The north end of Parkman needed a crosswalk to connect handicapped parking to the pond path and to open access to an isolated piece of parkland.

Of these, the Eliot Street crossing was constructed. The two others await funding.

Includes approaches on the south and west sides of Jamaica Pond.
Helped frame the initiative.
$45,000 for design services
One of three crossings – the Eliot Street crossing – has been completed. The Parkman/Perkins street intersection is being studied further for safety improvements.