For many, Free Ferry Day offers their first trip out on Boston Harbor.

The Island Expedition docks at the pier.

This family discovered the islands on Free Ferry Day.

Two sisters returning from a trip to Georges Island, seagull feather in hand.

Though the Boston Harbor Islands became a National Recreational Area nearly 20 years ago, they are still being discovered by local residents and visitors alike. To introduce more people to the Harbor Islands, the Solomon Foundation helped initiate "Free Ferry Day" – an annual ritual at the beginning of summer.

Since 2010, more than 6000 people have taken advantage of this free pass to the islands. The day has contributed significantly to the visitation numbers each year and has helped BHIA reach new audiences.

Covers the islands within the inner and outer harbors of Boston.
Initiated concept, funder.
$28,500 for 2009-2012
6750 visitors have participated to date.