The CBI dock is the biggest and busiest of the Esplanade docks. The governor announced funding for this dock in 2010.

Marine contractors worked through the winter months while the docks were less heavily used.

Everyone had a role to play in getting the docks restored.

The docks are a magnet for everyone – from tourists to boaters to students to sunbathers.

In 2005, the Esplanade docks were in a poor state of repair – with rotten pilings and decking literally falling into the river. These docks provide direct access to the boating basin and are critical to its function. A design process initiated by the Solomon Foundation brought together key stakeholders and an engineering firm to assess and redesign the docks.

Five docks were restored by the DCR starting in 2007. The last and the largest, the Community Boating (CBI) dock, was restored and expanded to serve a growing public sailing program in 2010. The use of quality materials, including green heart pilings, ensures that the docks will last for the better part of this century.

Located on the Charles River Esplanade.
Initiated conceptual design study and organized stakeholders.
All docks have been fully restored and reopened to the public.
Bourne Engineering