DCR Commissioner Edward Lambert (center) strongly supports a partnership approach to parks.

Magnificent red oak trees frame the parkways of the Emerald Necklace and create some of the most memorable corridors within the Boston area. Unfortunately, many of these trees are under stress from urban conditions. Symptons of stress include compacted roots, pollution damage, and trunk damage. Several of these beautiful trees died and had to be removed, creating gaps along the parkways.

The Solomon Foundation provided funding to plant 40 new red oak trees to fill in the gaps created along the Riverway, Jamicaway and the Arborway Parkways. The trees are being watered and monitored during the critical establishment period.

In addition, this project provides the trees with deep-feed fertilizer and other critical care to remedy the stressed condition of the older trees and prevent stress to the new trees.

Located along Emerald Necklace parkways from the Back Bay Fens to Jamaica Pond.
Grant for new plantings.
Project complete and new plantings being cared for.