Existing view to the west from Harvard Bridge.

Proposed path provides access and frames views to the river. (Photo rendering by David Curran.)

Projected plan of path and park improvements. (Halvorson Design Partnership)

This project will link the Esplanade paths and the Harvard Bridge sidewalks to Beacon Street by way of a long lost 2½ acre park overlooking the river. This will be the first phase of a proposed Charlesgate Greenway path connecting the Emerald Necklace and the Charles River Basin. This vital green link was lost to highway construction a half century ago when Storrow Drive and the Bowker Overpass were built.

Reestablishing a Charlesgate Greenway will help make bicycle and walking trips possible between inner-city neighborhoods along the Emerald Necklace and the banks of the Charles River. According to a study by Northeastern University, restoring the Charlesgate Greenway as part of an interconnected greenway system could increase pedestrian and bicycle "connectivity" (linking origins to destinations) by up to 600%.

Located between Harvard Bridge and Beacon Street.
Helped to initiate project and manage planning and design process.
$1,500,000 for full implementation
Conceptual design completed with public input. Secretary Richard Davies announced full funding for design and construction of the Charlesgate Greenway project on Wednesday December 4th, 2013. The greenway path project may be integrated with the contract to repair nearby bridge structures.
The Halvorson Design Group
Alta Planning and Design