The plaza is a stage for a broad range of activities, day and night, from chess playing to piano concerts.

The Brewer Fountain was set off to the side of the Common when it was first brought here.

The watchful faces of Greek gods and goddesses keep an eye on things.

The fountain plaza and Liberty Mall as imagined by the artist.

Brewer Fountain is one of Boston's oldest and most venerable works of public art. This ambitious restoration project was begun in 2006, when Parks Commissioner Antonia Pollak approached the Solomon Foundation and the Friends of the Public Garden, seeking assistance for its restoration.

Liz Vizza, David Solomon, Henry Lee, Herb Nolan, and Bobby Sager shortly after the Plaza was completed.

The city completed restoration of the fountain itself in 2010. We all recognized that a restored fountain without a restored park would be unsustainable. The plaza around the fountain – and, indeed, the entire eastern gateway to the Boston Common – was in dire need of revitalization.

The Solomon Foundation partnered with the Friends of the Public Garden to address the surrounding plaza. A transformed Brewer Fountain Plaza and Liberty Mall were opened to the public in the spring of 2012, with the added benefit of daily cultural programming.

Located at the eastern corner of Boston Common, near Park Street and Boylston Street.
Framed the initiative, managed the design process, raised funds
The Brewer Fountain plaza and Liberty Mall were completed in the fall of 2012. Phase two improvements including the historic boundary fence and additional green space along Lafayette Mall were completed on budget in the fall of 2014. The entire project is complete and has transformed the way the Boston Common is used and perceived.
Presley Associates, Inc.
Valley Crest, contractors