• 2012
    Putting Greenough Boulevard on a "road diet" will eliminate acres of pavement along the river, and make room for wildflower meadows and a new mile long tree-lined path. When linked with Herter Park this will be one of the best 5k walking and running loops in Greater Boston.
    Will be under construction in the spring of 2015. Funding for phase 2 being sought.
  • 2011
    New boats made by Boston public school students are now available for rent at the Jamaica Pond boat house.
    A new sail boat design was added to the fleet of row boats in 2013. These student built boats can be rented at Jamaica Pond during the warm months. Courageous Sailing manages the boat rental program on Jamaica Pond.
  • 2006
    The plaza and park surrounding the fully restored Brewer Fountain have been transformed into one of Boston's great new public places. A tree-lined Liberty Mall frames the view to the Statehouse. A granite plaza offers tables and chairs where people can sit to eat lunch, play chess, read books from the mobile cart, or listen to live piano music.
    Fountain plaza and Liberty Mall were completed in fall 2012. Phase two improvements including the historic boundary fence along Liberty Mall and additional green space along Lafayette Mall were completed in 2014. ic boundary fence along Liberty Mall and additional green space along Lafayette Mall are fully funded and scheduled to be built in the spring of 2014.
  • 2010
    To celebrate the Esplanade Centennial in 2010 a new chair type was introduced to the docks on a trial basis. They proved very popular and have become a fixture on the Esplanade.
    First generation chairs holding up well.
  • 2004
    Captain Tom McNichol began clearing the Charles River Basin of floating trash back in 2004 – and with the help of dozens of volunteers, he has kept the river clean ever since. The Solomon Foundation supplied him with a specialized boat and equipment for this purpose.
    The river has been clear of floating trash for over ten years now.
  • 2011
    This greenway project represents a first step in a plan to create a link between two great park systems – the Charles River Basin and the Emerald Necklace. It will also unlock access to 2½ acres of isolated parkland with sweeping views of the river.
    Conceptual design completed with public input. Secretary Richard Davies announced full funding for design and construction of the Charlesgate Greenway project in 2013. Full design is proceeding in the 2015 with construction to follow.
  • 2011
    monument with curved benches, a new plaza, and lush plantings. It also reclaimed the Founders overlook for public enjoyment and provided a new access point to the public dock used by CBI.
    Construction of the redesigned memorial was completed in 2014.
  • 2010
    New tree plantings and expanded horticultural care for the towering Red Oaks along the Emerald Necklace parkways will ensure a green frame for the Emerald Necklace for decades to come.
    Project complete and new plantings being cared for.
  • 2010
    New design guidelines for crosswalks and paths will help knit the Emerald Necklace Park system together over time. It will be possible in the future to travel on foot or by bike from one end of the necklace to the other along pleasant safe, paths – and without getting lost.
    Draft Guidelines complete.
  • 2005
    A conceptual design process sponsored by the Solomon Foundation pointed the way to the full redesign and restoration of the Esplanade docks.
    All docks have been fully restored and reopened to the public.
  • 2005
    This monument to the first demonstration of ether in medical practice was fully restored and lighted. It has become a highly visible and cherished landmark within the Public Garden.
    Fully restored and maintained with support from an endowment raised by a group of anesthesiologists based in Boston.
  • 2009
    Free passage to the Boston Harbor Islands for one day at the beginning of summer was provided on a first-come first-serve basis for several years. This introduced thousands of new visitors to a hidden resource, the Boston Harbor Islands.
    6750 visitors participated in this program which has now ended.
  • 2011
    A conceptual plan has been produced that shows the potential of transforming this last substantial piece of undeveloped land abutting the Emerald Necklace into a woodland sanctuary with scenic overlooks and trails.
    The school has declared its intention to not sell this land for development.
  • 2009
    Three crossings to Jamaica Pond were studied to make local neighborhood access safer and more enjoyable. Two have been completed: a new crossing at Eliot Street and a new crossing at the southern end of Parkman Drive.
    The crossing at the northern end of Parkman Drive remains to be addressed.
  • 2010
    Including parkland access as part of the "purpose and need" of the Longfellow Bridge restoration project has resulted in the inclusion of a dramatic new pedestrian bridge, new crosswalks, widened river paths, and reclaimed parkland as part of the construction package.
    Construction is underway and expected to be substantially completed by 2016.
  • 2007
    An approach trail to a long abandoned rail trestle bridge was completed by the Appalachian Mountain Club trail crew. Two trestle bridges will be converted to pedestrian use to unlock access to the Neponset River Trail for residents in Dorchester and Milton.
    First bridge and approach path completed (2010).
  • 2009
    Advocates for parks and for "active transportation" – including walking, running and cycling – have organized to revive a century old idea: an interconnected greenway path system for the Boston metropolitan area.
    Three mutually supportive initiatives are actively underway in 2015: A regional greenways initiative organized by MAPC (Landlines), a metro center greenways initiative being organized by the Livable Streets Alliance (Green Links), and a citywide greenway initiative being organized by the Boston Transportation Department. Momentum is building for the idea of an emerald web of paths serving Greater Boston.
  • 2006
    A new gravel walk and perimeter fence has made this small pocket park secure and accessible for the neighbors to use.
    Restoration work is ongoing. The site is crime-free, and community use has grown exponentially.
  • 2011
    A Braille trail and post-and-rail system wrapping around Perkins Pond will provide access for blind students to this natural area for the first time in several decades.
    Construction of phase one complete.
  • 2006
    A new gathering space framed by trees on a promontory overlooking Jamaica Pond was created by removing a dilapidated house and investing in the monumental century old trees.
    The space is now one of the loveliest locations in the Emerald Necklace for concerts and other public events.
  • 2008
    The Saltonstall Monument, one of the most outstanding works of public art within the metropolitan park system, was fully restored and made visible from the parkway and riverfront park.
  • 2005
    Worn out and muddy fields have been replaced by a multipurpose athletic green with irrigation, fencing, lighting, and a score board reminiscent of Fenway Park.
    Fields are fully restored and maintained with funds from the partnership. Some drainage issues persist on this low lying site.
  • 2006
    Restoration of this mile-long riverfront park, a critical link in the regional park system, will include river overlooks, sculptural benches, new bike and pedestrian paths, as well as a sensory trail and play structure designed to serve sight impaired park users.
    Phased and shovel ready. $220,000 in private matching funds committed.